Discover Caloundra's Prime Location. Explore our 'Getting Here' guide, transportation options, and an 'Area Spotlight' to uncover the treasures of this coastal gem. Plan your visit and navigate our beautiful town with ease.

Caloundra's prime location on the Sunshine Coast of Australia makes it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking both natural beauty and accessibility. Nestled along the coastline, this vibrant town offers a blend of stunning beaches, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures—all within easy reach. Explore the details below to make the most of your visit.


Getting Here

Plan your journey to Caloundra with ease. Explore accessible transportation options, whether you're arriving by car, plane, or bus. Discover the convenience of reaching this coastal paradise and get ready to embark on your Caloundra adventure.

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Discover convenient transportation options in Caloundra. Whether you're arriving by air, road, or public transit, our guide ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey to this coastal paradise. Learn how to navigate the town and its neighbouring areas effortlessly. Plan your journey and embark on your Caloundra adventure today.

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Explore the Sunshine Coast's Hidden Gems with our Area Spotlights. Discover the region's best-kept secrets, from serene natural wonders to vibrant cultural hubs. Dive into our guides and uncover the treasures awaiting your exploration in this coastal paradise.

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