Downunder Beachfest

Revving Up for Downunder Beachfest: Vintage Car Paradise Car enthusiasts and vintage automobile lovers will be embarking on our playground by the sea as Beachfest rolls into town. Spanning five days from May 29th to June 2nd, join the celebration of automotive excellence, live music, and Caloundra's rich cultural fabric.

Think immaculate hot rods, custom and classic motor vehicles and that rock n roll life style.

You'll be transported back in time with the beauty of Australia's finest vintage cars cruising through the streets and sharing the roads with awe-inspiring grandeur. From Mustangs to classic Holdens, the sight of these pristine vehicles is something else, and the hum of town is best experienced in the flesh.

How the event will unfold: Daily entrant registration takes place at the picturesque Kings Beach Amphitheatre, with the Grand Ferris Wheel in the backdrop, entrants can mingle with fellow car enthusiasts and get up close to these automotive treasures. 

Thursday begins, starting bright and early with a delicious breakfast at the Caloundra Powerboat Club from 7am to 9am. After fueling up, participants will embark on a scenic cruise departing from the Powerboat Club to stunning Lake Baroon, commencing at 8.45am. As the day transitions into night, prepare to be entertained by captivating live music at the Kings Beach Amphitheatre from 6pm to 9pm. Take the opportunity to savour the flavours, and go where the locals go for dinner whilst you are in town.

Friday brings more adrenaline-fueled adventures, starting with the exhilarating Car Cruise Lotto Run at 9.30am. Participants will navigate their way through the picturesque Hinterland, completing the course by 2pm. As the sun sets, witness the bright lights and feel the hum through your bones as the Beachfest Super Cruise through Caloundra's CBD unfolds. Entrants will be commencing from Kings Beach from 5pm with the cruise concluding at 8pm. Grab a bite to eat whilst the crowds line the streets in the CBD for this annual ritual. Head back to the Kings Beach Amphitheatre, as a live band will be performing from 6pm to 9pm.

Saturday marks Show and Shine Day 1, the main feature of the event. It's a visual feast as entrants start arriving as early as 6am through the CBD of Caloundra. Wander the Beachfest trader stands that are cleverly intertwined among the stunning car displays, promising unique finds and automotive treasures. Enjoy the electric atmosphere with live bands playing at five different locations, including Felicity Park, Minchinton Street, Bulcock Street, the Esplanade, and Happy Valley from 9am onwards. Pick your cafe of choice for breaky and lunch, escape the crowds to Caloundra's Lamkin Lane foodie hotspot for delicious feasts. The Show and Shine event concludes at 2:30pm and as evening sets in, head back to the Kings Beach Amphitheatre for another captivating live performance from 6pm to 9pm, where a raffle prize draw and the announcement of the top 10 show winners conclude the epic day.

On Sunday, Show and Shine Day 2 takes center stage, with entrants arriving from 7am and departing from 1pm. Take your time to immerse yourself in the Caloundra Street Fair, and explore the trader stands once more throughout the car displays. As the event draws to a close, cherish the last moments of automotive splendor and bid farewell to the remarkable vintage cars that have graced Caloundra's streets once again.

Whether you're a car enthusiast or just coming along for the ride and a sticky beak, Downunder Beachfest is the ultimate experience. It combines the beauty of vintage cars with the unique backdrop of Caloundra's coastal charm. The event ignites passions for all things automotive, whilst patrons indulge in Caloundra's rich tapestry of live music, and vibrant energy around town.

With its stunning array of activities and attractions, Caloundra continues to solidify its position as Queensland's Top Tourism Town. Feel the pulse of our vibrant community whilst immersing in Downunder Beachfest. Be sure to embark on Caloundra for this event and be surrounded by the allure of classic cars and the warm hospitality of Caloundra's friendly locals.

Further event information can be found here